Oklahoma City Polished Concrete Contractors

When you look at a poured concrete surface, it often doesn’t do much to inspire you, but appearances can deceive. Little do many Oklahoma City homeowners know that cement can get used as flooring with local polished concrete contractors.

The process relies on your existing foundation slab, which is smoothed out with fine diamond-tipped pads for customized gloss. Whether you prefer mirror-like gloss or something closer to a flat matte, the right installation team can complete it all.

At Oklahoma City Epoxy Flooring, we continue to create unique flooring systems more area homeowners love for years after completion. Durable, long-lasting, and affordable to install, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular option for many houses in town.

When carpet floors make you sneeze and hardwood damages too quickly, polished concrete flooring can last a lifetime with maintenance. Give your home the beautiful and eco-friendly approach to residential floors and save on lasting quality with our contractors today.

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Polished Concrete Floors in Oklahoma City

Unfinished cement dries with a rough, porous top layer that captures a lot of dust, dirt, and debris while retaining moisture. Over time, these surfaces stay stained, worn, and looking gross from exposure to the elements, which then leads to cracking.

Because we begin by inspecting the area for damages first, your surface gets repairs before we apply the polishing equipment. That means the poured area we work on gets stronger than it was, helping it last even longer.

During the installation stage, we can add colors, textures, patterns, and other custom design choices for your best results possible. Stop settling for boring carpets, tile and grout, or wood floors and allow our team to help with your:

  • Cream Polish

  • Salt & Pepper Polish

  • Medium Aggregate

  • High Aggregate

  • Flat Matte

  • Satin Finish

  • Semi-Gloss Polish

  • High-Gloss Finish

  • Custom Colors

  • Patterned Effects

  • And more polished concrete solutions.

Once we complete your flooring project, you will see why so many homeowners continue to choose our contractors for installation. See the difference experience makes for your unique floors by hiring our team for your home improvement projects today.

“ I Need to Find Polished Concrete Flooring Contractors Near Me”

The benefits of your new floors don’t stop at their beautiful appearances, and most people agree it’s the next standard. Polished cement surfaces make your house more hypoallergenic, creating a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

Installing these gorgeous flooring systems remains friendly for the environment as well, as we reuse your existing poured cement surfaces. Because most of your project stays labor, your material costs remain affordable from start to finish, no matter how complex.

When you compare the available choices you have for custom features and patterns, it adds more value over carpets. You can only dye fabric fibers so many shades of white and brown before they all begin to look identical.

Contact Oklahoma City Epoxy Flooring and discover how much you will save by hiring our polished concrete contractors.

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