Best Metallic Epoxy Floors in Oklahoma City

Although resin flooring systems continue gaining new fans throughout Oklahoma City, not everyone seems convinced about their final appearance. For those homeowners concerned about it looking like plastic, metallic epoxy floors provide a better solution for your indoor spaces.

Your new surfaces still rely on durable, long-lasting epoxy, but you get to enjoy many more options for personalized designs. If the photos you have seen online of resin floors seem too industrial for your property, metallic options work better.

For new residential flooring that you will love every day, hire us at Oklahoma City Epoxy Flooring today. Our team of local contractors knows how to get more out of any design, preferences, or colors without spending more.

Once we complete your metallic epoxy floors, you won’t want to go back to traditional hardwood, tile, or carpet again. Contact us for your free service estimate and see the lasting results our team will make for your home.

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Oklahoma City Metallic Epoxy Floors

In the right hands, your new installation will exceed every expectation you might already have with luxurious completed results. Using metallic resin techniques produces unique surfaces that copy the look and feel of natural stone, marble, and other materials.

We would all love to see expensive stone flooring in our master bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. However, there is a reason why they mostly stay reserved for more expensive home construction projects, making them more inaccessible.

Our flooring systems produce the same designs, appearances, and effects while saving you a fortune on new floors that perform even better. These systems won’t scratch, scuff, or fade nearly as quickly, and maintenance remains affordable throughout every month with regular cleanings.

While your resin floors will eventually require minor repairs and upkeep, the installation proves simple when you hire our team of experts. Choose your experienced and affordable resin flooring contractors today and see why metallic epoxy floors get the results you need.

  • 3D Epoxy Metallic

  • White Pearl

  • High-Gloss Metallic

  • Matte Finished Metallic

  • Metallic Plasma Finish

  • Dark Metallic Floors

  • Crater Effects

  • Ripple Floor Finish

  • Acid Stain Look

  • False Stone Appearance

  • Faux Marble Floors

  • Galaxy-Inspired Swirls

  • And more customizable options.

Many professional interior designers think that metallic epoxy floors will be the future of residential flooring systems. When you need an economical home upgrade that turns heads, you need our installation contractors.

Why Metallic Epoxy Floors?

Most flooring materials remain one-dimensional, bland, and soon wear out from heavy foot traffic every day, making them expensive options. Metallic epoxy floors, on the other hand, combine the lasting durability of built-up resin and finishes with unique surface designs.

The results are deep, water-like ripples, three-dimensional shading, and one-of-a-kind patterns because we roll the product on by hand each time. Once we add in the metallic flakes, color stains, and borders, you and your guests won’t believe it isn’t stone.

Your metallic epoxy floors offer breathtaking surfaces that last long and continue to add value to your property every day. When you need to add lots of personality, charm, and luxury to your house without spending more, you need us.

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Installing metallic epoxy floors remains an advanced service option, and one you want the experts to handle for your job. Otherwise, the results will only disappoint you.

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