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Polished concrete systems take your existing poured cement and buffs away the roughest part of the top layer with pads. The sanding equipment is tipped with industrial diamonds, and they grow increasingly finer for your preferred level of surface gloss.

Flat matte finishes still reflect light, but not as well as shinier floors, but both require the same process. Although it may take a while to achieve your desired finished effect, you will be amazed with the final results.

Polished flooring adds tons of value to boring old concrete.

Stained concrete gets confused with polished systems because we still need to buff away the primary surface before using stains. Otherwise, the colors simply won’t take to the material nearly as well, and it won’t catch the light like polishing.

The coloration stains, dyes, and other installation techniques require that we open the pores first, which only happens through buffing. Although these flooring systems also produce a reflective effect, the process primarily gets used for your preferred design elements instead.

Polished floors can get stained, but these floors get results.

Decorative concrete proves similar to your interior cement flooring options, only they get used outdoors as well as inside homes. Instead of interior floors, these service choices frequently get applied to your backyard patio spaces, driveways, sidewalks, and others.

Decorative concrete surfaces allow you to enhance your home’s overall sense of curb appeal without spending a ton of cash. Best of all, we can customize your project so it mimics expensive natural stone building materials without the costs.

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Some people fear that a floor made entirely out of epoxy materials will continue to produce harsh toxic fumes later. However, what many owners fail to understand is that once the surface cures completely, it stops producing these chemical odors.

Indoor epoxy flooring is among the safest building materials you can enjoy for your home, and they stay hypoallergenic. Once the floor hardens, it won’t release fibers, dust, or other allergens, and the surface creates one continuous, seamless system.

Epoxy flooring offers safe and affordable surfaces for your home.

While a complete epoxy floor won’t be nearly as durable as concrete, it provides impressive daily surface protection. Cured epoxy develops into a solid singular block, which not only mitigates damage but helps it stay strong for years.

Your epoxy floors shouldn’t be considered invincible, but they can take a beating from liquids, heat, direct impact, and more. With care, cleaning, and maintenance, these flooring systems will surprise you with how long they perform throughout the years.

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A common misconception among many Oklahoma City, OK, homeowners is that a resin floor is a different system than epoxy. Like many building product misnomers, the names getting used interchangeable stems from DIY projects and poor packaging information.

Epoxy flooring relies on a resin-hardening agent that blends with the other liquids to start a cementing chemical reaction. Once the specified amount of time passes after we pour the chemicals, it remains hardened to the touch forever.

Curing epoxy won’t revert, and resin surfaces will last longer.

The typical homeowner wants to know that they have made the right purchasing decision without wasting money on gimmicks. It can, however, feel incredibly difficult to estimate just how many faithful years you can get from cement systems.

Those residents who don’t keep up with regular cleanings or their repair and maintenance needs will get several years’ use. Properly cared for concrete floors, on the other hand, can last an entire lifetime of 15 years or even longer.

You can depend on us for maintenance, repairs, and resurfacing.

Traditionally, the average home only has carpets, tile and grout, or hardwood options to select for their flooring needs. While these materials still prove practical, they often require higher maintenance costs and lower service life expectancy than newer materials.

Both cement flooring surfaces and epoxy systems have stayed around for decades, but only recently have residential properties discovered them. Now, these newer options continue gaining new popularity every day, and may eventually become standard when you buy a house.

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Every resident wants to know they made the right buying decision when they need new floors, and both excel. So, which choice do you select for your project: polished concrete or epoxy flooring systems?

Concrete will last longer and offers quick and easy cleaning, while resin systems may need maintenance from foot traffic. However, both provide simple upkeep, last long, and capture unique appearances and patterns you can’t get from other building materials.

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Because your new polished concrete creates a glossy surface with custom designs, we can’t recommend them for outdoor area use. Decorative concrete, a similar process, often proves the one that you want to see in your external systems for durability.

Polished cement remains water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean it can survive every rainstorm that passes by your home. Decorative systems, on the other hand, receive a durable sealcoat that helps protect against damages and fading for many years.

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