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Epoxy floor coatings seem similar to actual resin flooring, but they require fewer materials and labor for their installation needs. As a topcoat that seals away your porous concrete surfaces, it also helps protect and preserve your house’s foundation slab.

Many people prefer to see a resin-coated floor used inside of their garages, but homeowners in Oklahoma City know better. Hiring the right contractor team for your job means experiencing quality results anywhere on your property, including indoor living areas.

Oklahoma City Epoxy Flooring assists more area residents every day in supplying them with a fast and reliable home upgrade. A quality new epoxy floor coating project can breathe new life into any room that has started to look old and worn.

Whether you’re tired of cleaning up spills in your kitchen, or if your hardwood floor is becoming damaged too quickly, we provide a better solution. Contact us today for your upcoming epoxy floor coating project. We guarantee the best results possible at lower costs.

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Oklahoma City Epoxy Floor Coatings

How your epoxy floor coatings differ from complete resin flooring is that it only provides a sealcoat to the top. While it still offers plenty of daily protection and lasting beauty, it utilizes fewer materials and labor to complete.

The process remains highly similar, and much of the work gets used for both of these flooring systems each time. We must clean, repair, and ensure your concrete spaces prove durable enough to handle a coating of new materials.

Once our contractors determine that your garage spaces or interior living areas can handle improvements, we begin the installation process. Coating a floor with resin-based products often proves the popular choice as the surfaces finish much faster in the end.

A typical job requires a day to cure fully before you can enjoy your new floors, but epoxy floors can take days longer. When you need a faster approach to adding more value, beauty, and protection to your home, choose our coating contractors.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in OKC

Some residents voice concerns over how long their epoxy floor coatings will last, making them question the installation costs. The answer is in how much daily use it gets. How much maintenance and repairs does it need?

Most epoxy systems and coatings will offer several years of daily protection before showing signs of wear-and-tear damage. When you regularly clean the surface and fill in any cracks as they develop, you can extend its service life.

We can also provide a variety of different colors, patterns, textures, and other design elements that don’t cost a fortune. Most homeowners agree that when you need an affordable improvement project that gets results, epoxy floor coatings achieve lasting results.

Before you purchase an ineffective DIY kit, save more by turning to our team first. Once you see our finished results, you’ll be glad you hired the local OKC epoxy experts.

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