Commercial Kitchen Flooring Services

Commercial kitchen floors go through a lot of abuse and wear and tear. Daily foot traffic, chemical spills, hot pans, and scorching ovens can do a real number to a flooring system. For this reason and many others, you’re going to need a flooring system that is truly top-notch. Stain resistance, oil resistance, thermal shock resistance, and moisture resistance should be at the top of your priority lust. The floors must also be hygienic, comply with all USDA and state regulations, and keep your workers/patrons safe.

Very high temperatures, strong and heavy cooking equipment and industrial tools, and numerous sources of moisture can leave your floor looking beat up. You’re going to need a flooring system that can handle the heat. Employees are going to be in a rush, and they don’t have time to wait up for a sub-par flooring system. Commercial kitchen floors need to be able to withstand a number of different elements, and nothing compares to an epoxy flooring system for your commercial kitchen.

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring

No matter what daily punishment your employees and your commercial kitchen can throw at you, epoxy is going to have you covered. Epoxy is naturally hygienic, resistant to germs, and used in many heavily-regulated kitchens and industrial settings. Health inspectors in Oklahoma City will be impressed when they see the level of care you demonstrate with an epoxy floor.

Food borne illnesses and pandemics aren’t going anywhere. So to be as hygienic as possible, keeping everything in a sanitary condition is a top priority.

Antimicrobial Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Kitchens

The top priority is being safe for you and your patrons. Epoxy flooring is a USDA and FDA compliant to your sanitary woes. It complies with food safety standards, stringent health inspectors, and all of your patrons in Oklahoma City and beyond.

Commercial kitchen epoxy flooring systems are the perfect solution: they are clean, sanitary, and resistant to many types of bacteria. Substances won’t be embedded in the surface when someone steps on a piece of food. Bacteria and mold cannot grow in a place where they cannot hide.

Slip Resistance

You’re going to need a floor that is slip resistant so you can protect yourself, your workers, and your patrons. Commercial kitchen floors need epoxy because they offer a natural degree of slip resistance to combat the oil spills, water spills, and food spills that are a possibility every day in the environment of a commercial kitchen. There are also special additives and options you can add to an epoxy floor to make it even more slip resistant. Slip and falls won’t be a problem when you install an epoxy floor.

Impact Resistance and Abrasion Resistance

Salt, sugar, whole grain flour, and spices are just a few examples of granular ingredients that are found in a kitchen. These can cause natural abrasions and dull the flooring system when rubbed against foot traffic or equipment (such as food carts). Epoxy solves this problem by being incredibly strong and resistant to this type of damage. It’s a high performing flooring system that can match the strength of anything your kitchen crew can throw at it.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock refers to the damage that extreme temperatures can cause to the surface of the system. In the case of scorching hot ovens and stoves, and very cold freezers and fridges, the flooring system will need to be able to handle both extreme temperatures.

These temperatures can cause damage to commercial kitchen floors. It’s a good thing that epoxy is strong, durable, and able to stand the heat. This flooring system will not react to extreme temperature. It will not expand and contract and move the underlying concrete. It will not crack and make hiding places for microbes. Epoxy flooring will solve all of these issues and more.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning an epoxy flooring system is easy. It can also withstand all of the harsh solvents and cleaning chemicals that are thrown on the floor at the end of the night during a deep clean. It’s resistant to chemicals and does not allow food to be trapped in the crevices. This makes it a natural choice for every commercial kitchen and restaurant owner in Oklahoma City. Hot oil and food will be mopped up in a breeze.

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